Support Urgent 2020 Climate Action - 350Vermont

In 2019 we've achieved an amazing surge in climate action, but the climate stakes are incredibly high in 2020. To ensure a live-able planet we need your help!

We are a critical piece of the Vermont climate movement, made up of many thousands of activists. Together we are dedicated to creating the greatest impact possible, but this work takes resources. To stay flexible and independent we need your support — with your donations, big and small, we are able to propel this collective work.

Can you make a donation today to support the work of 350Vermont in 2020?

In 2020 your donation will:

  • Prevent fossil fuel project expansion and work towards a ban on new fossil fuel infrastructure in Vermont.
  • Engage communities in implementing solutions that draw down carbon by growing soil health and reducing emissions by decarbonizing infrastructure and transportation.  
  • Run trainings and workshops to build the skills of the new leaders our movement needs, starting with our 2-day Building Ground Leadership Training planned for January.
  • Start 3 new local climate action groups, energizing grassroots organizing.
  • Work with over 100 families through our Mother Up! program, supporting real grassroots action in our communities.

Your support and solidarity make this work possible.

$32,326.00 raised
GOAL: $31,000.00

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