Support Catherine against VGS!

Right now Catherine is up against Vermont Gas in court and needs our help.

Catherine Bock has spent her life trying to save our planet - so much so that she's taken Vermont Gas Systems (VGS) and the Public Utility Commission (PUC) all the way to the VT Supreme Court. While powerful interests may have unlimited money to spend on lawyers, Catherine doesn't. If she's going to continue this fight she needs our help in raising a minimum of $15,000 to support her legal fees.

At issue in this case:

-> Evidence shows that weatherization, heat-pump installations, and other low-carbon fuels are more cost-effective as a means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions compared with RNG.

-> Official assessments do not factor in the total social, environmental, and carbon impact of RNG extraction, transportation, and combustion.  

-> We should not be investing today in long-term energy projects that fail to provide hard evidence of meeting the goals of Vermont’s Global Warming Solutions Act, goals we need to meet in as timely and efficient a manner as possible in order to prevent climate catastrophe.

When people stand up to powerful interests, we need to have their back. Lets all make sure Catherine knows we have hers - thanks in advance. 

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