Alex Messinger Fundraiser!

Help me reach $3500 for climate action.

Maybe you too recognize that the planet we live on is changing. Like me, you might feel overwhelmed by the scale. Climate change is a faceless and slow-growing problem, one that our fight-or-flight ancestry has difficulty comprehending. My action has been to step up my involvement with 350 Vermont, which has been successful statewide in transitioning toward alternatives to fossil fuel. I've been on their board for 2 years now, and their tiny staff makes a great impact with minimal resources.

My goal is to raise $3500 for 350 Vermont on a 35 mile day hike from Camel's Hump to Mount Mansfield, $100 for each mile. 

I'll be starting at 4am on June 15 , finishing after 10pm. I'm entirely unsure that I will make it the whole way (I sprained my ankle on a section of it last year).  Like climate change, it's a challenge to maintain the focus and concentration on a vast problem in order to successfully reach the goal. Can you make a donation to help me meet my goal and support 350 Vermont's work?


 Suggested donations: -- $35 ($1 per mile) -- $52 (I turn 52 this year) -- $100  (Donors of $100 or more receive 12 home-baked chocolate chip cookies) -- Your choice! (Donors of any amount receive a video diary of the hike-- include your email address!

If you would like to pay by check make it out to 350 Vermont: 

Alex Messinger 350VT Hike
179 S. Winooski Ave, Suite 201,
Burlington, VT 05401

And, if you'd like to join me for all or part of this crazy endeavor, let's talk!

$4,254.35 raised
GOAL: $3,500.00

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